Holiday Greetings

I’ve observed something very interesting here. By here, I mean the Arabian Gulf countries. I am not sure if it is offensive, degrading or just plain ignorance. Religious mentality is the phrase I’m going to use to describe this “phenomenon.” The religion I’m posing the question to are the followers of Islam. Why is it bad/wrong to wish Christians a Merry Christmas? It’s not as if by doing so you will become a Christian. Christianity is not a disease, it’s a choice. Is being respectful of another’s faith a sin? Saying Merry Christmas doesn’t make you a Christian any more than me wishing you Eid Mubark makes me Muslim!

Islam teaches one to be respectful of others and their beliefs. It even allows Muslims to marry Christians. If you are expecting people of other faiths to wish you Eid Mubarak (roughly translated means blessed festival) shouldn’t those persons expect a seasonal greeting in return?

Traditionally, Islam doesn’t celebrate birthdays as it was viewed as a very non-religious event. But you have no problem celebrating birthdays? And in such a big way, too. What about Valentine’s Day? That’s named after St. Valentine. Anniversaries?

And there is no problem celebrating Jan 1 as New Year’s Day? The Islamic New Year doesn’t follow the Gregorian calendar, rather it is a lunar one, so the dates change every year.

I say, that if you have difficulty wishing others a Merry Christmas, what about saying “Seasons Greetings?” We’ll accept that…


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