Mom Cave

While perusing internet magazines, I came across an article about Mom Caves. While I love the concept, I really don’t like the word “cave.” When someone says cave, I think of someplace dark, dank, and musty. Hardly conducive to creativity and inspiration.

I’ve heard the phrase “Man Cave” and that just sounds like they go together. Funny how those two words conjure up this picture:  the big screen, game console(s), lazy boy chairs, bean bags, empty cans on the tables, popcorn on the floor and it smells like sweaty bodies and testosterone with maybe just a hint of some kind of cologne-y musky smell?!?

Mom Cave just doesn’t sound “right.” I much prefer “Mom Space” which conjures up picture words like calm, soothing, comfortable, nurturing. And it can be however big it needs to be… limitless.

This picture almost makes me want to live in a place where space is minimal so that my Space includes a comfy chair, footstool and a converted closet filled with things that please me. Almost.

But then, I look up and see that my Mom Space is an entire room filled nearly top-to-bottom with all sorts of things that please me. Fabric, ribbon, magazines, craft books, scrapbook embellishments, beads of all shapes and sizes, paint, markers, pens, pencils, scrapbook paper, ribbon, fibers, a printer, laptop, Kindle, Arnott’s Mint Slice cookies, etc, etc.

I am very happy to spend my days and sometimes nights in my own, personalized Mom Space.

*The Mom Cave picture was originally uploaded March 4, 2011. One more draft that’s published. Yay!


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