Discovering Dubai

During our recent extra-long weekend, we decided to do a little sightseeing courtesy of the Dubai Metro train. Wherever one lives, places that make your “home” (however long) special oft times gets taken for granted. Now was our chance to join the ranks of tourist.


After seeing our Dr and getting our monthly prescriptions filled, before heading for the train station, we walked to the Creek just to see what was going on as we hadn’t been there in quite a while. It sure was busy! There was a big dhow entering the Creek as well as the open abras and newer air-conditioned water taxis. (Didn’t realize the photo was so grainy, sorry).






We discovered that there was a new water taxi station and we took that across the Creek instead of the Metro.








We were in familiar territory now. With it still being a public holiday, there were lots of people shopping in the souk. We stopped at our favorite sandwich “cafeteria,” which is more like a little cafe but their sandwiches are SO good. We got ours to go and ate while we walked through the souk.

We were looking for big UAE flags to hang outside our house for the upcoming 40th National Day on Dec 2. We didn’t find any flags so we got back on the train and went home.



We enjoyed being out and enjoying this wonderful city we call home. I love taking pictures of everywhere we go and I’m so blessed that my husband doesn’t mind. In fact, he wants me to take more than I want to! We plan on taking more out-and-about trips exploring the city. It’s so much easier now that the Metro’s Green Line is operational. There’s no stress having to drive in traffic absolutely no hassles looking for parking! We love public transportation!!


One thought on “Discovering Dubai

  1. I should read your blog more often as I missed this one. It sounds like fun to play tourist in your own city. The water taxi sounds like fun, too. I should play tourist here as there are places in my city that I have never been. Thanks for the idea!

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