A Liter of Light – sustainable lighting

My daughter showed me this video and I feel compelled to share it with others. It’s a wonderful way to bring light (literally) to hundred, thousands, possibly millions of lives.

It brings home the fact that in my daily life, I take so many things for granted. Running water, in-door plumbing, hot water, electricity, LIGHT.  When we built our house, I purposely wanted lots of windows because I love the sunlight. Another luxury some people don’t have. The families’ homes in this video are so dark even during the day. Now, they can stay inside if they want to. And these solar lights shine up to 55 watts. That’s pretty darn bright compared to darkness! And all you need are 5 things:
  • PET soda bottle
  • Galvanized iron sheet (corrugated metal)
  • Rubber sealant
  • Bleach
  • Filtered water
How does it work? The water refracts (or “bends”) the light in all directions. Bleach you ask? It’s to prevent the build-up of algae in the water. Filtered water? It’s purer than tap water. The solar panels are good for 5 years, so this is an on-going, forever project.
I’ve decided that I’m going to do more than just donate. I’m going to offer my time to help make some solar “panels” for the people of the Philippines. It’s the least I can do.
For more information, visit their website:  www.isanglitrongliwanag.org

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