Breakfast Date


Another nice thing about being home is that Atiq and I are back to our Friday Weekend Breakfast Dates. It’s a great way to catch up on what’s been going on during the week with the work, the kids, friends and extended family. Today we went to one of our family favorites, Hallab Restaurant. They originally started in Syria in 1881 and have a very successful chain of restaurants throughout the Gulf.


We ordered two dishes (which was more than enough), foul (pronounced “fool”) and fateh. Foul is made from the fava or broad bean flavored with garlic, cumin, salt and pepper. Depending on the origin of the restaurant or the chef, the beans may be mashed or whole or mixed with garbanzo/chick peas. Hallab served their foul whole mixed with a few chick peas.

Fateh consists of garbanzo beans, pine nuts, pieces of toasted pita bread then mixed with labneh, similar to a very, very thick plain yogurt. It may also be mixed with ground lamb but we went vegetarian.


And then there is the bread… soft, chewy, puffed up and fresh from the oven. When pita bread is baked, it swells up and when it cools it flattens to to is round pocket shape we all know and love. But there is just nothing like fresh pita straight from the oven to your table. Once it reaches your table it just doesn’t have time to cool and deflate.

Truly, the best part of breakfast.

Well, ok, after the company.


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