Last days

From Evernote:

Last days

We’re down to our last two days of vacation and spent today shopping!! I’ve never bought so many shoes at one time! 15 pairs to be exact!! We bought shoes for Atiq’s sisters (he has 5) and their daughters (there’s 10 altogether). That’s a LOT of shoes!! Besides shoes, we bought bags, jewelry, iPhone covers, tablet covers (Galaxy and iPad), large CD case, make-up, brushes to go with the make-up, a couple jars of face masque, cookies, mints (brands that aren’t sold in Dubai), and a small package of TimTams cookies (vanilla chocolate flavor). AND we got a free cute, pink make-up bag and a free re-usable bag from e.l.f. cosmetics.  Even the men’s department was well represented today, too. Atiq bought some polo shirts and a couple of belts. Whew! Power shopping at it’s best!!

And guess what we’re doing tomorrow?? You guessed it! Shopping!! Well, to be honest, we’re exchanging two things and we need to get another pair of shoes, can you believe it? We got the wrong size, but considering how many people we were buying for, one wrong size is pretty darn good!

Love, love, LOVE shopping in the Philippines!!!


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