During this year’s vacation, we were reunited with three very caring, loving sisters who used to work in Dubai. Gloria worked for us (gasp!) 20 years ago. Her sister, Lina, worked just next door and their other sister Fatima worked on the other side of town. It was wonderful to see visit with them. It’s been 5 years since they’ve all been together and it was happy times all around.

The food looks so good!

We had a dinner party at a nearby restaurant that our good friend Edgar manages. Edgar made most of the dishes while Atiq supervised. We had cheese sticks, fish and chips, chicken adobo, calamari, a delicious local green bean dish, cole slaw, green salad and for dessert a refreshing fruit salad concoction. Great food and even better company.

Lina, Fatima, Aseya

front: Lina, Aseya, Fatima back: Daniel (Gloria's husband), Gloria, Afra

Daniel, Fatima, Lina, Gloria and me

Our Filipino family is growing. Just a few years ago the dinner guests were our family and 3 or 4 others. This year, we had three big tables! It was jokingly said that in a couple of years our annual get-together dinner guests will fill the whole restaurant!

We love our Filipino “family!!”


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