Love, no, hate(?) my iPhone

I got an iPhone4 a couple months ago. In general, I was happy with it until yesterday. The speakers decided to go on strike. (I’m assuming the two little recessed oblong mesh openings on the bottom of the iPhone are speakers). That’s not really relative but it’s something I wanted to point out just in case the person on one of the iPhone help forums read this. Anyway, back to my iPhone4… So there’s no sound when I answer a call, turn the speaker on during said call, when I turn on the iPod, plug in a headset jack or a mini speaker. Nothing. But. If I connect my Bluetooth headset, I get sound!! Who wants to walk around with pod in their ear that has a blue flashing light? Not me!!

So I call Etisalat, my service provider. The customer service rep walks me through a couple of resets, which, secretly I’m hoping it will turn the speakers back on. But it doesn’t. He gets some more personal details and gives me a reference number. (Written June 9)

Today’s Tuesday, June 14 and I’m still waiting for a reply from the service center. I called on Sunday to give them a chance to get caught up from the weekend and was told they would note my call. Since I’m committed to a one year contract, I’ll be patient. The Blackberry Torch is looking pretty good…


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