A New Project

Among the (maybe too many) email subscriptions I get, there was one I received that intrigued me. Rather, it made me sit up and take notice. Not many do that. It sparked my imagination. It was a challenge, no, an invitation to document a week in my life.

As one who is a sporadic scrapbooker but with all the intentions of being  more regular about scrapping, this might be just the nudge I need to make it happen. One of the “rules” is to take pictures of everything, every day and document, document, document. I thought I would start practicing today. This was the email I received about the challenge, er, invitation. You can get more info here at Ali Edwards’ site. She’s an amazing scrapbook designer. Apparently she does this every year and these albums have become her most treasured.

I’ll be reading up on getting ready for the project. It’s for the last week of July, which gives me nearly two months to get ready.That should be plenty of time, right? Writing about this holds me accountable and more apt to follow  through with my commitment. I’ve decided to take some of the pressure off by agreeing with all my selves that as long as I get lots of photos, collect memorabilia and journal about my adventures, likes, dislikes and thoughts throughout the week that would be akin to having a completed project.

I’m starting to get excited about this…


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