Another 12 days…

Actually, it’s 13 but who’s counting? It’s not like I haven’t been on my laptop. I was. I am. On a regular daily basis if only to check emails. And to be totally honest, I am addicted to Gardens of Time – an addictive hidden objects game. I have always loved searching for things that shouldn’t be there. Where’s Wally/Waldo? You know the guy with glasses, in the red-and-white striped shirt, matching hat and blue pants. I also loved looking through Puzzle Island and One Odd Old Owl with my kids. It’s a pretty lame reason for not staying with my commitment of posting once-a-week. I justified it to my other self that there were a few weeks that I posted more than once a week and now it’s all evened out. Sigh. Ah, well. Today is a new day. A new week.


One thought on “Another 12 days…

  1. Afari says:

    Can u spell OBSSESSSSSED!! Yes, count those extra “S”s as part of your obsession. Or should I say your “What, Im on a TIMER” obsession and yes, i do think that you say that just to say it.

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