Coming home from the post office this morning I caught one of the many thoughts that dance around in my head. It was that I hadn’t finished posting about my wonderful trip home back in Jan. More specifically, I didn’t even mention two of the most important people in my life: Mom and Dad. How could I not have done that yet? Then I remembered, I was going to post my adventure chronologically. Yeah, right. I got to my 2nd leg of the trip and stopped. Here is the next part of my trip…

Mom and Dad

Me, Mom, Dad and my sister. VERY Important People. In my life. Always. I do have to say that they are looking pretty darn good for being in their (I’ll let you fill-in-the-blanks).  A blended family? More than you know. Swedish, Osage and Japanese. Mix them all together and this is what you get. I love our story, too. But this isn’t about that one.

My other sister (she’s taking the pictures) and I drove out the Hemet and stayed overnight  in their little, cozy trailer. It was fun and oh-so-comfortable being “home” again. It was the first time I’d seen their trailer. Very different from our old house but it still felt like home. We laughed, ate, talked, laughed some more, watched NCIS re-runs and ate some more. But isn’t that what going home is all about?  I re-charged my inner battery. We didn’t have any kids (even though they’re all teens or older) so it was like turning back the clock.

I was even able to crochet Mom a cute scarf while I was there.

There truly is No Place Like Home.


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