Send money, please

Famous words (infamous words?) from kids who live far away from their parents. Actually, they don’t have to live far away, do they? Ahem, let me re-phrase that. “Can I have some money, please?” This was most recently heard from our kid who does live far away. About 6,000 miles as the crows fly. That is, if crows wanted to fly from here to there. It’s a bit more in air miles and flying time is about 14 hrs. Whew!

Al Ahalia Exchange

Here’s what it looks like (for us) to send money. We go to our local  money exchangers that have a branch near the receiver. If you look really closely, you can just the sender standing at the counter. And you can even see what’s behind me through the window’s reflection. I didn’t think it was that vivid. That’s a date tree on the right and a non-date tree on the left.

Back to sending funds… I do have to say that this particular kid has only asked for money about 4 times during the past two years that she’s been in Perth (Australia). She’s learned to budget and is getting pretty good at sticking to it.

Her dad sent a bit more than what she asked for. Well, a lot more than what she asked for with instructions to keep it for emergencies. I’m confident she’ll do that. One can always hope, right?


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