Santa Barbara – day 2

Driving into Santa Barbara


We breakfast’d at the hotel before heading out back to the city. It was a beautiful sunny day with clear, blue skies. We drove into town, found a place to park and began our walking tour exploring the beautiful, quaint city of Santa Barbara.

After perusing lots of little boutiques we ended up in a jewelry store that had some gorgeous pieces. Joe, the owner,recommended we tour the courthouse and then lunch at a little French bistro around the corner.

the courthouse hallway

Neither one of us had been to the courthouse so we didn’t know what to expect. As we entered the courthouse we were met with beautiful tiled floors and walls. We didn’t realize that courts were in session as people were touring the building!


entrance to the stairs


There’s a lookout tower in the courthouse which is where we headed next.

The views of the ocean and the city were spectacular.

one end of La Arcada

With map in hand we left the courthouse and found our way to La Arcada, a small tiled, area with small shops, a couple of restaurants and an art gallery. This is also home of Petit Valentien, a French bistro that we would highly recommend to anyone who’s looking for more than just a deli or cafe.  The dishes were fresh, full-flavored, very tasty and very reasonable. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable, too.  A well-kept secret, indeed.




I was so amazed at how life-like these sculptures were. There were a few more sculptures but I was drawn to these. This one depicts a man who interrupts his reading (if you look closely you can see the book in his left hand) to give his friend some chocolate (in his other hand). The girl’s doll on the bench is part of the sculpture and painted to look real. I couldn’t get over the detail of the girl’s blanket and clothing. And their hair! I kept expecting to blow in the breeze!


Is it real or is it Memorex?As I came out of this boutique, I turned the corner and noticed this man painting the glass? Then I realized he wasn’t moving! As I stepped closer for a better look, I realized he was a sculpture!! I couldn’t believe it!!! I just couldn’t stop staring!

Visiting Santa Barbara every time I visited my sister was now going to be a tradition. As a souvenir of our visit, I bought a silver pelican charm to put on my bracelet.

Here’s to a new tradition…


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