Santa Barbara

One of the places I went to during my trip home was to Santa Barbara. I don’t remember ever being in Santa Barbara although I’m pretty sure I’ve been driven through it at some point in mylife.  I played the role of Calgon (remember that commercial?) and took my sister away…

Looking online for a place to stay, I started with Best Western. I chose Carpinteria because all of the review were positive. Other reviews would be mostly positive with one or two negative but this one was different so I made the reservation and we were good to go.

Best Western Carpinteria

We weren’t disappointed, either. We loved the look of the building and even though it was backed up to the freeway, we didn’t hear a thing! Probably because our room was in the center of the building. The room was very spacious, clean and overlooked a small courtyard complete with fountain!

together again



Driving into Carpinteria we had passed a little sidewalk cafe/bistro and decided to eat lunch there before we headed out to Santa Barbara city. It was a very good choice. I ordered a California wrap with tons of avocado, just the way I like it. My sister’s came with onion rings and they were SO good that we had to order some more. They were decidedly the BEST onion rings we’ve ever had! The sandwiches were good but the onion rings… The next time we’ll probably have to order two instead of one so we don’t have to share!

the beautiful California coast

Carpinteria is about 30 miles from Santa Barbara city so we, or rather I had plenty of time to ooh and aah. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the Pacific Ocean. It was like seeing a long-lost friend.  We drove up the 101. Good ole PCH. Still going strong and still well- traveled.

driving onto the pier




After a couple of missed exits (we were too busy talking to hear where the friendly navigation lady was directing us) we finally made to the city. Even though it was a weekday, it was fairly busy. We drove down the beach a ways then decided to take a drive up onto the pier. Neither of us knew you could do that! Surprisingly there were quite a few places to park once we got past the valet parking area.

the Pacific Ocean


Before browsing the little tourist shops, we walked to the end of the pier and enjoyed the beauty of the ocean. The weather was perfect and the view spectacular. But then, we both love the ocean and all things beach.

one of the locals




We were surprised when this pelican landed on the pier and wasn’t leaving anytime soon. I think it’s a juvenile since the adult California Brown Pelicans have brightly colored heads, necks and beaks. He didn’t seem afraid of all the people taking pictures and hadn’t been tagged (yet). I didn’t know that they’re an endangered species, either.

thar be pirates!



And of course, where’s there’s an ocean, there’s pirates.

view from the pier






Isn’t the Santa Barbara coast beautiful?




view leaving the pier








Until tomorrow…




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