March 2, 2011

2011 - All grown up

Today my 1st baby turns 27. 27!!! Well, technically, it’s not really her birthday yet. She was born in Denver and Dubai is 12 hours ahead so as of right now,  it’s still March 1 where she was born. So we have 12 more hours until we start celebrating or lamenting, which ever is the case.

She thinks she’s old. I think her life is just beginning. Who’s to say? Life is what you make of it and personally, I’m celebrating!

She's finally here!

St. Anthony’s Hospital in Denver, 1984.  I couldn’t believe how much effort it took for such a little thing. She was only 5.5 lbs and not 50!!!  How proud is her Baba?? Isn’t she beautiful?

San Bernardino 1986 - Our little family's growing...


One of my favorite pictures. She’s almost 2.
First day of kindergarten.

She was SO excited. 4yo, Sept. Dubai


1999 - 15th birthday

I didn’t post any pictures of high school. I didn’t think she’d appreciate that.  She hasn’t changed that much since high school, lol.  Looking through her pictures really makes one wonder. Why does time see to go so fast? It feels like only last year we were looking through Dubai newspapers (interesting story for another post) looking for the “right” name.

I loved looking over her life, how much she’s changed, how much she’s stayed the same.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!!


4 thoughts on “March 2, 2011

  1. Aww!! I love this!! It made my eyes tear up. Thank you so much, it was so sweet! And thank you for not posting the ‘ugly duckling years’ haha!! Love you very much!

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