Sign language: more than meets the eye, er, hand?



I started out blogging this post thinking that sign language is truly the universal language.  I thought (naively) that if one learned sign language, you could go across the world and speak to someone there who knew sign language. Well, think about it… wouldn’t that be wonderful? No language barriers. No having to learn a new language. We could all learn to sign and be able to communicate with anyone, anywhere.

But then, I thought, maybe I should just check and see if there are different sign languages. To my surprise there are!! Apparently there are nearly as many sign languages as there are spoken languages! Wherever there’s a signing community, chances are they have a sign language all their own.

So, what did I learn today?

1. No need to rush out and learn sign language.

2. We still need translators for global communication.

3. Love is still the universal language.






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