It pays to be a Steelers fan…

I’m not a big fan of (American) football but I did grow up cheering for California teams (Raiders, Chargers, Angels, Lakers, Kings, etc). This is a perfect example of why it pays to wear your team’s t-shirt out in public.

While staying with a friend in Atlanta, another friend (who’s from Pittsburgh) drove in from S. Carolina. She was wearing her Steelers (she’s a fan) sweatshirt so she would  be comfortable while driving for 6 hours. She wanted to change her shirt before we went to dinner but I told her she was fine. We decided on going to Chili’s and away we went. Also joining us was my daughter and another friend’s daughter. Both in their 20s.

We order dinner and while we’re waiting, the couple across from us get up to leave but the man leans over to my friend and says, “Are you a Steelers fan?,” to which she replies, laughing, “no, I’m not.” As he starts to walk away, he holds out his fist saying, “Go Steelers!”  We think nothing of it,  carrying on talking and laughing. When we get ready to pay, the waitress says to my friend, “I have something to tell you…” We all stop talking and she continues “… your dinner has already been paid for.” We’re really listening now. “The gentleman that was sitting here has paid for your dinner.” Well, my friend bursts out laughing and the rest of us are so surprised! She says she hasn’t had anyone pick up her tab since her drinking days and those days were another lifetime ago which has us all in stitches.

What a great way to end the night. Thank you, Mr. Steeler Fan. We will forever remember tonight and Chili’s as The Steelers Dinner Place and the Night the 20-Somethings Got Passed Over For A 67-Year Old!!

Go Steelers!!


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