A New Year or Unplanned Hiatus

A new year. A clean slate. A fresh start. Scratch that. I’ll start over…

Every day is a clean slate. A fresh start. But not every day is a new year. So many have said they’re glad that 2010 is over. Am I glad it’s over? I’m not so sure that’s how I feel. Sure, it was full of emotions, experiences, adventures. As I write this, I realize that, fittingly, symbolically, 2010 ended with the passing of my mother-in-law. An end (of a beautiful woman who lived a very full life) and a beginning (the new year). Every new year comes with the promise of new beginnings, new life, new adventures.

And with a New Year there is always talk of resolutions. What does that really mean, anyway? I looked it up. It means strong will, determination. I like that. A New Year’s (strong-willed) Determination. Which brings me back to this post. I have a strong-willed determination to keep up with my blog and post at least once a week.

I think I was looking at blogging all wrong. I thought I had to have pictures, clever quips, good stories, etc. Another blogger posted that her blog is just to get the words out of her head with no explanations or reasons why she posted it. I don’t know why I thought my blog had to be like other blogs. (In retrospect,  that’s mostly why I stopped posting). My blog is and should be only what I want it to be. Yes, it’s nice to have photos but sometimes I’m just too plain lazy to post my pics. That may change and then again maybe not, lol.

It feels good to write again…


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