Finding Luxor

After arriving at 2:30am, driving to the hotel, deciding which room to take, we finally got to sleep around 5am. After the buffet breakfast we take a taxi similar to this one.

On the way to what we think is the souk, we pass this…   In a surreal sort of way, I wonder if these are real…   I reason with myself: they look real, but how could they be real, they’re just so unprotected.  If they were real, wouldn’t the locals be looking in wonder and amazement when they drive by? And they’re not, so maybe they aren’t real(?)…

I mean, how could they be real? The street is nearly right up against the pillars! I’m unaware that this is a one of the sides of the Karnak temples, I am just amazed that the street, cars and sidewalk for that matter are just so close to the pillars!!!

Soon, the taxi delivers us to a shopping area only to be disappointed when we discover that we’re being dropped off at a little group of souvenir stores. We walk through the building dodging statements like, “no charge to look,” “come in, no hassles,” “yes, may I help you?,” “come in, free to look,” and the like.  We emerge on the other side relatively unscathed.

Avenue of the Sphinxes

This is what we saw… a long street of sphinxes lining what could only be an avenue as if they were all waiting for something or someone.  I didn’t have to wonder any more. The ruins we we passed while in the taxi were real.

We were standing on the street with nothing between us and the sphinxes except about a 4-5ft jump down to their level. I just couldn’t believe. No guards, no barriers. No one stopping to look, to wonder or stare in amazement. We walked parallel to the sphinxes looking for the entrance. We didn’t know it was Luxor Temple.  There were no signs.

I really like this photo.  If you look closely, you can see people at the entrance to the temple, putting it all into perspective.  I can almost hear the chariots coming down the avenue heading towards Karnak Temple, feel the anticipation of getting a fleeting glimpse of the sovereign, the Pharaoh through the crowds.

It looks like they are rebuilding the wall along the side where we’re walking.

We find the entrance, pay for our tickets and enter the temple. We think this is Luxor Temple, but can’t be sure as there aren’t any signs anywhere. But it is confirmed when we ask the two men who become our (uninvited) tour guides…

…we found Luxor Temple, but really, I think it found us.


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