What’s Your Pleasure?

I bought a new book yesterday. It caught my eye not only with it’s title,

Eat Mangoes Naked but with it’s colorful artwork on the cover, it’s unusual printed pages and the author’s name: SARK.  I was intrigued. Underneath the title is a byline “Finding Pleasure Everywhere and Dancing with the Pits!”  I couldn’t resist that!

There’s a section at the beginning called ‘Perspectives of Pleasure.’ Interesting. Noticing JOY in the tiniest of places and magnifying it. Here’s a few unexpected places where Joy found me:

– the company of my daughter and her friend while going to the dermatologist

– the exotic, heady perfume of the frangipani tree we walk by every single day from the kitchen door to the car

– the vast and oh, so beautiful array of all the shades, colors and types of fabrics I experienced in the souq

This “exercise,” for want of a better word made me realize how much I take for granted and doing what that old cliche tells us. “Stop and smell the roses.” In my case, the frangipani, jasmine and henna tree.


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