Jumping on the Blog-wagon

Yes, I did it.  I’ve joined the masses. Conformed.  United. Become one.  I am now officially…. a Blogger!!!

Good? Yes. Now I can get some of those thoughts, ideas, sparks, notions, beliefs(?) out of my head and get some sleep! Not so good? Do I want others to know what’s in my head?? Committed? Let’s be honest here. It does take some sort of commitment to keep a blog.  Is it just one more thing I “have” to do? Or will this cross over and become and obsession? Given those two options, I choose obsession.

What is obsession, really?  A compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea or an unwanted feeling or emotion, often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety. I may not have the symptoms of anxiety but blogging could be a compulsive preoccupation if one considers how many times a day do I think, “I should blog this or that…”

With that said, I’m off to the mall to see if it’s true and will I be counting…

5 thoughts on “Jumping on the Blog-wagon

  1. tina says:

    Well lorrie it will be nice to read all about your crazy life, :p
    A lot to be said about blogging, kinda like a blanket email, hee hee. I have a hard enough time keeping up on facebook!!!!

    • Tina!!!! Hiya, Chicky!! I think this will be better than a blanket email – more of what I’m thinking rather than just what I’m doing – and definitely better than FB!

      Thanks for posting.

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